Top 10 companies ranked by reputation in world


Globally, profits, assets and market value assessment is based on the world’s biggest firms. They are ranked according to their popularity and is reputation and includes the top 10 on the same basis. Here’s the track that rape by the survey finding these top 10 companies ranked by reputation about …

Apple’s brand is very popular these days. The company was ranked in 2014 was 76.7 and 76.8 in 2015. This time it has been included in the Top 10. This time it is 76.6 rank. This company is number one in both cases and product leadership.

Sony has also Pruwd that he is in reality a global brand. After the survey of 15 countries, the company is the world’s top 10 brands have joined. This time the company has been ranked 76.7.

Canon today the world’s second brand which is preferred in Europe significantly. Creating the world’s finest cameras, the company is very popular. This list includes the participation of 76.9.
Microsoft in 2015 after being out of the list has to be involved once again. It is also Asia’s third best-selling brand. Microsoft has been included on the basis of 77.0 ranks.

The world famous toy manufacturer Lego brick Repoteded brand in Europe is considerable. Repatrak it in the top 10 received 77.4 points.

Popular car Mercedes-Benz Daimler this year global reputation has risen from fifth to third in the rankings. This time the company has been ranked 77.7.

Popular among the people on the list at number one car company BMW in 2015, this year was moving slightly. This time the company has been the 77.9 Repatrak rank.

Google today its hold among the people because of his work and has stayed on top. Ranks second in the top 10 in 2014 and 2015 have been reduced. This time it was 78.1.

Walt Disney:
The Walt Disney brand is also involved in this year’s Top 10 list. Rep track from this year’s 78.2 ranked. It is a favorite spot among the people.

Wrist watch manufacturer Rolex brand in the world, is a very popular brand. This time the Repatrak 78.4 it is ranked.